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It\’s Simply Beautiful

Make this theme your own with the ridiculously easy-to-use theme skinning panel. Select unique background colors, images, and textures for the entire theme, or create specialized landing pages with their own skin.

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Open Typography

It’s simple. Pick a font style that you’d like to start with, then leverage thousands of fonts for free through Typekit, WP Google Fonts, or any other library you’ve got in mind. The choice is yours!

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Responsive Design

This theme starts you with beautiful responsive layouts right out of the box — no coding necessary – all lovingly handcrafted by our resident designers. All ready for modern devices of all shapes and sizes.

bgCustom Modules

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suitsCustom Layouts

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bg1Custom Styles

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SEO Friendly

Start out right with XHTML markup proven to give you a headstart on the SEO game. No gimmicks, no cheats, no breaking the rules. Search engines love us. Get even deeper with your favorite SEO plugin if you want… we play nicely with the big guys.

Future Proofed

Don’t stress over whether your theme will survive past another WordPress update. We update our themes regularly with standards compliant code, not hacked together homebrew solutions.

Easy for New Users

We’ve built this theme with basic WordPress users in mind, not experts… so whether you’re a new WordPress user or a freelancer looking to hand off the site to a newbie, we’ve got your back. Get up and running in minutes, or visit our video channel for help.

Core and Extras

The theme comes packaged with the core stuff that everyone needs, and none of the stuff that you don’t. Need more stuff? That’s easy – visit our Theme Extras library to grab the extras for your custom setup.

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